Win 2 classes in the final round of the All Japan Dirt Trial Championship!

イメージ画像The postponed All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 2 RASCAL SPRING TRIAL IN KYUSHU was held on October 24th and 25th in the form of the final round.
Speed ​​Park Koinoura is said to be a difficult place with a beautiful view facing the coastline and a difficult course layout with high-speed long straights and ups and downs.
The 2020WORK WHEEL support drivers struggled, and two class winners came out.
We are also visiting two season champions this season.
Other players also performed well, and this year's All Japan Dirt Trial Championship has come to an end.
Thank you to everyone who supported us.
Thank you to all the 2020WORK WHEEL support drivers.
We, the parts makers, can make an effort only with your passion, and we can give back to you with the specifications.
Let's fight together at WORK WHEEL next year, thank you.
Then, it is the final race, the result by class of the support driver of this season.
PN1 class 2nd place Tomohiro Ueno (MCO Racing TYPE GV) 2020 season champion
3rd place Masaru Hamaguchi (MCO Racing TYPE GV)
PN2 class 3rd place Ryuichi Hamaguchi (MCO Racing TYPE GV)
PN3 class 1st place Makoto Urakami (MCO Racing TYPE GV)
N class 12th place Hiroyuki Yamoto (MCO Racing TYPE GV)
SA / SAX class 5th place Kasai Catherine Nobuhiko (MCO Racing TYPE GV) 2020 season champion
13th place Hideki Kawashima (MCO Racing TYPE GV)
SC1 class 5th place Shigeo Nobu (MCO Racing TYPE GV)
D class 1st place Takuma Kamada (MCO Racing TYPE GV)
4th place Katsuhiko Taguchi (MCO Racing TYPE GV)

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