2021 All Japan Dirt Trial Championship FORTEC CUP 2021 in KYOTO 2 class victory!

イメージ画像The first round of the JAF All Japan Dirt Trial Championship in 021, FORTEC CUP 2021 in KYOTO was held.
Although it was a non-spectator race on the day, a large number of drivers participated.
There were 17 WORK MOTOR SPORT SCHOLARSHIP 2021 entry users, 2 spot participants, and many players participated as if to relieve the stagnation of last year.
In the first match of the all-Japan dirt trial, which has been redesigned with a new class name from this year, both last year's series champion JD9 class Tomohiro Ueno and open weight JD1 class Katsuhiko Taguchi won the first match. I played.
From this year, a hot new machine has appeared, and there is no doubt that it will be exciting.
Thank you for your support this year as well.

This is a class-specific result of a scholarship support driver equipped with MCO RACING.
PD9 class winner Tomohiro Ueno
3rd place Masaaki Hamaguchi
5th place Eiichi Kitahara
9th place Yoshinori Suzuki
14th place Hideki Kawashima
JD8 class 4th place Ryuichi Hamaguchi
JD7 class 4th place Masaru Sakiyama
5th place Makoto Urakami
9th place Yoshihiro Sakai
12th place Takaaki Sakurai
2nd place in JD6 class Hiroyuki Yamoto
11th place Akihisa Kakumina
15th place Tomio Kawada
JD5 class 7th place Kasai Catherine Nobuhiko
JD3 class 7th place Shigeo Nobu
9th place Kazuya Sakata
JD2 class 4th place Ryo Meguro
JD1 class 1st place Katsuhiko Taguchi
5th place Takuma Kamada
* Wheels installed by all runners are WORK M.C.O RACING type GV

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