Win the Kanto Dirt Trial Championship Rd.5 2 class!

イメージ画像2021 JAF Kanto Dirt Trial Championship Round 5
JMRC Kanto Dirt Trial Series
Plum Cup in Maruwa was held in the rain on July 4th.

At the exhibition, Hideki Kawashima, who is participating in the All Japan War, appeared in Yaris.
The course and road surface changed from last year, and it was held in a difficult environment such as tire selection for each player due to the rain that continued from the morning.
Meanwhile, Eiichi Kitahara of N1500 & PN1 class and Yoshihiko Matsue of S1 class won the class respectively.
The results for each class of WORK scholarship entry players and WORK wheel equipped players are as follows.
In the N1500 & PN1 class, Eiichi Kitahara (YH TEIN FT ☆ PD Note) won the championship. Suzuki Yoshinori (YH Fuzzy Heart ☆ Swift) is in 3rd place, and Jun Tashiro (Works Iwasaki Wako's Swift) is in 9th place.
In the PN2 & PN3 class, Satoshi Osuga (Cusco DL ☆ 2 & 4DH Swift) is in 2nd place, Hideaki Sato (DL / Amaruq / BRZ) is in 3rd place, Takayuki Ozeki (DL / KIT / AT-BRZ) is in 4th place, and 5th place. Yoshihiro Sakai (Maple FORTitzzBRZ) and Kenji Hashimoto (Kuribara MS / YH Work 86) in 8th place.
In the N2 class, Hideki Hiruta (YH / Verity Impreza) ranked 8th.
In the S1 class, Yoshihiko Matsue (Arai MS Work YH Swift) won the championship.
In the S2 class, Masayoshi Sarashina (Cartech's YH Impreza Sarashina) ranked 11th.
Unfortunately, Tadashi Mori has retired from the D class.

Thank you to all the players who participated.
At WORK MOTOR SPORTS SCHOLARSHIP, through MCO RACING, we will cooperate with you in your thoughts on the competition with the technology cultivated in the race.
Although it is a corona disaster, we look forward to your continued support in the future so that you can participate in the competition with all your might.

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