2022 JAF Kinki Dirt Trial Championship Round 5 Winning 3 classes!

イメージ画像2022 JAF Kinki Dirt Trial Championship Round 5 The Igo's Dirt Tra 2022 Fumizuki was held on July 31st at Auto Park Imajō.
Since the next round will be the final round, this day was a big phase that will affect the season ranking, and in the Kinki dirt trial round, many dirt trial drivers participating in the All Japan Rally Championship and Osamu Factory Fabia R5 participating in the All Japan Rally Championship will be D. There were entries in the class, etc., and the day was filled with more excitement than usual at the battlefield Auto Park Imajo.
There are 74 cars in all classes, 9 of them are WORK MOTOR SPORT SCHOLARSHIP 2022 entry users, and 3 other players are wearing WORK WHEEL.
The winners of Auto Park Imajo were RWD class Hideaki Sato, S1 class Jinto Yamazaki, and S2 class Yamoto. With this win, S2 class's Yamoto was declared the S2 class season champion.
Below are the results by class for the 2022 JAF Kinki Dirt Trial Championship Round 5 WORK WHEELS-equipped drivers.

AE/PN class
4th place Akio Nishioka Player WORK Neko TAKUMI Swift
12th place Shinnosuke Kameyama DL Okuyama Gulf Swift

RWD class
Winner Hideaki Sato KIT DL BRZ AT
3rd place Takashi Yumoto rental BRZ2000
9th place Mitsuki Terada T Garage DL Cusco Wm86

OPEN class 
3rd place Takayuki Koseki DL・KIT・BRZ・AT
4th place Akira Sakiyama DL☆Loveka☆Mechanica 86

S1 class 
1st Place Yamazaki Yujin YH Max Genshin Mirage

S2 class 
Winner Hiroyuki Yamoto Kappa ZEAL Yakko YH Lancer
4th place Takashi Fujimoto YH Work APY Lancer
14th Kozo Hitomi DP.Be.Konti Yaris

D class 
3rd place Hiroyuki Ogawa Ogawa Motors Gulf YH Lancer

The final round will be held at Kyoto Cosmos Park on September 18th.
Thank you for your warm support until the end.

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