Team Mitsubishi Ralliart, which is technically supported by Mitsubishi Motors, announced that it will participate in the Asia Cross Country Rally 2024 with a work CRAG T-GRABIC II.

イメージ画像"Team Mitsubishi Ralliart", which is technically supported by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, plans to participate in the Asia Cross Country Rally scheduled to be held in August 2024, equipped with WORK's CRAG T-GABIC II. The participating vehicle is a modified cross-country vehicle (T1 specification) of the pickup truck "Triton'', and will aim to regain the championship by increasing its overall power with a focus on strengthening its power performance.

イメージ画像Team Mitsubishi Ralliart participated in last year's AXCR with a trio of fully remodeled Tritons, and Chayapon Yoter (Thailand) finished in 3rd place overall. In addition, if two or more cars entered, all cars completed the race, and the top two cars won the ``Team Award,'' which was determined by their total time. Team Mitsubishi Ralliart has competed against competing cars with larger displacements and superior power performance using the Triton's nimble handling and high reliability, but this year's AXCR entry vehicle has matured each part, and We will strengthen acceleration performance and running performance, increase potential, and take on the challenge with a sure-win system.

The participating vehicle, "Triton" will be fitted with CRAG T-GRABIC II, a workpiece that has gained trust in its running performance in the past two tournaments.

CRAG T-GRABIC Ⅱ product information

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