2017 All Japan Dirt Trials Championship Round 5 NOZAWA Dirt Trial

イメージ画像Fifth race at Motorland Nozawa held for the first time in two years.

In a burning weather, just "heat battle" was spread.

As well as the gradient unique to Motorland Nozawa, the newly finished tire corner was getting narrower in the back so it had become a difficult point that the course line, speed, and rhythm had to match.

Meanwhile, PN 2 class Kawashima player (DL Okayama Monster Vitz / WORK MCO-GV installed / WORK MOTOR SPORTS SCHOLARSHIP entry driver) had a close look with the rivals, but when it is over, it will run away at the first time Decorate the victory in time!

Kawashima is now one step closer to the position where he wins this season's title victory.

Also, entry race driver Sakurai at WORK MOTOR SPORTS SCHOLARSHIP (Brid DL Okayama Vitz / WORK MCO - GV equipped) got pointed on the 3rd place finish podium.

Prior to the bullies who are in a position to recliner yet, the All Japan Dirt Trial Championship continues in close contact with other classes! It is supposed to be unable to miss the second half of the game.

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