JAF All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 7

イメージ画像9/2 public practice, 9/3 fight.

The 7th round of the All Japan Championship was held during the fine course in the technical course Auto Park Imajo.

PN 2 class Kawashima player (WORK MCO - GV equipped) won the season champion, if it wins here, the biggest champion is also the biggest champion and he decides to win and winning the class champion. It is supposed to be that, in fact it is said that he was practicing here even during the Obon vacation.

Sakurai players (WORK MCO - GV equipped) who had been trying to catch up with the same class won 2nd place.

In the SA 2 class I updated temporary top time but Kamada player (WORK MCO - GV equipped) won the second place was a wonderful run.

Actually, I could not participate in the practice running day of the previous day, but I can only say that it is a truly running.

In the SC 2 class, Taguchi (WORK MCO - GV equipped) ran away from second place by 0.8 seconds and ran away, and won the championship wonderfully.

Only a few days left for the remaining Japan. Although each class champion is being decided, the battle continues still.

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