All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 5 Results of Battle Results

イメージ画像The All Japan Dirt Trial Championship 5th Dart Sprint in Monzae took place on June 17 (Final).

At the SA2 class, which is a fierce battlefield, Kamada who played itzz Okuyama Kurihara WRX won the victory following the previous game Senagawa.

WORK scholarship drivers in other classes

PN 2 class Hideki Kawashima 5th, Hamaguchi Ryuichi 6th, Sakurai Takoaki 7th
N2 class Koichiro Kageyama 10th, Yamamoto Hiroyuki 13th, Hamada Takayuki 14th Player
SA2 class Takumi Kamada 1st place
Second place in SC2 class Katsuhiko Taguchi
SC1 class Kazuya Sakata 3rd player
D class 6 Ryo Meguro player

※ All mounted wheels are WORK M.C.O Racing COMPETITION MODEL

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