About us



The ultimate level of "On Demand System" WORK adopt "on demand system" because we would like to accept customer's diversified request.
We have been attaining stable quality to project consistently which is accepted many size variations, considered much ideas, and sale for 1P, 2P and 3P.
We make sure that there is plenty of staffs who are expert of producting our goods in WORK company.
They have been producting high quality, flexible and impromptu wheels which are thorough quality custody and to repeat inspection.
Should be the best efficiency output system we devide each process which is product rim, fusil disc, paint, assemble, sales, etc.
As for in output custody team, they exactly control the line of output in each factory.


The base of our production line,factories in Osaka and Okayama, Japan occupy most of our total site 23,430㎡,utilizing 70% of its machining line to produce rims made of aluminum sheet for 2piece/3piece wheels in respect to high quality and size-variations in need.
This enables us to be a front runner of producing capacity.

  • 岡山第一工場

    Okayama factory (Mimasaka city,Okayama)
    [Ground area]6,489.51㎡
    [Total building area]3,676.7㎡

  • 岡山第二工場

    Okayama factory (Mimasaka city,Okayama)
    [Ground area]9,772㎡
    [Total building area]4,255.43㎡

  • 堺工場(大阪府堺市)

    Sakai factory (Sakai city.OSAKA)
    [Ground area]4,129.74㎡
    [Total building area]2,592.36㎡

  • 志紀工場(大阪八尾市)

    Shiki factory (Yao city.OSAKA)
    [Ground area]3,039.34㎡
    [Total building area]2,716.51㎡