About us

OUR VALUE -We are to be -


  • ● How we act

    ・Autonomous act for users, customers, and relevant divisions.
    My mission is to offer satisfaction to our precious customers and users. I think indivisually and take autonomous act.

    I concentrate on my mission , what I can do .

    I accomplish what I can do for the satisfaction and excitement of our precious customers and users.

    I follow social norm and law. I also put the value in diversity and respect of human rights.

  • ● What to produce

    Actualizing my possibilities through duties to accelerate my growth and optimize my passionate motivation.

    ・High productivity
    I carry out my mission with autonomy and contribute to growth of WORK.

  • ● How we glow

    ・Continuous self-development
    I continue growing as a member of WORK by holding a dream and developing my skill and sensibility on my duties.

    ・Provide resilience

    I continue growing by improving my resilience, helped by my courage and joy toward my self-actualization.

----WORK AS A TEAM----

  • ● WORK ALL spirit

    ・Expecting the synergy of entire team for the achievement of our common goal.

    ・In this team, we put the value in mature individuality. We respect, increase strength and cover each other's weaknesses.

  • ● WORK ALL

    ・We share the clear understanding of each role, contribution and responsibility with the team.

    ・Mature individuality of "WORK ALL" means the faith based on the sense of mission and attitude to understand other team members. We all respect this mature individuality as a team.

    ・By active communication, we evolve furthermore mature as individuals and as a team.

  • ● WORK ALL

    ・Activating the motivation of members, developing and sharing management philosophy.

    ・Supporting members and helping their growth throughout the process of solving problems.

    ・Improving and supporting the evolution of the working environment to accept diversity.

    ・Sharing the future dream and vision and leading members for realization.